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Here’s the list of members of this forum, by hull number. Do you think we could fill in this whole list? If you own a Nic 38 that is not listed here, or if I have listed your details incorrectly, please let me know: moderator(at) (replace “(at)” with @

To look at the profile for a boat owner, click on their name. (If the owner name is not a hyperlink, either they have not yet signed up, or I am delinquent on updating this page.)

Hull Boat Name Current Owner Name, Previous Owner (PO) if member Location
3 Vanikoro – PO: Dr Gerard Woodroof
– PO: Graham Keeler
– PO: Jean-Claude Limasset
5 Clio PO: Nigel Sarah and daughter Lucy North Wales
6 Caileag Christine Rhymes Unknown
10 Far Out Arild Jaeger Sweden and Norway
11 Seacale II Marco Castriota; PO: Jim Dale Port of Torregrande, Oristano, Sardinia
12 Paper Moon Jacobus Jonck
PO: Michael Friedrich
Port Owen Marine, Velddrif Western Cape, South Africa
14 Seabird of Bute Barry Shaw Donaghade, Northern Ireland
15 Peter Pan Chris Bubin Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
16 Dragonara Danny Zolotow,
PO: Richard
Berkeley, CA
17 BoatBumGal Sandra Barnes Sunk Nov 2023
18 La Torchee Richard and Nicola Garlant Vannes France
22 Caol Ila (Formerly Saorsa) David Phillips and Tom Tom Hendry

PO: Ken & Jan Cowan
PO: David Faulkner
Penarth, Wales
23 Ilmatar Margriet & Erik Theunissen PO: Paul Hammond Amsterdam, The Netherlands
24 Poppy Steve Bates Bury Port South Wales
25 Keneskoonech Murray Smith Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
26 Mauna Kea Ron Bramley Gold Coast Queensland Australia
27 Pinta Graeme Barrie
PO: Eddie Todd
West coast of Scotland
29 Samaria Michael Marshall Holy Loch Marina, Dunoon West Coast of Scotland
30 Alexina of Shoreham Peter Sturgess, Helen and daughter Tiger Gwen Cruising
31 Valkyrie Jeff Avery Florida
32 BAIOS Jean Louis East Aegean (Greece & Turkey)
33 E Capoe William Bremner Destroyed, see here
35 Pelagic Eric Havelock Longboat Key, Florida
36 Elysium (formerly Maid of Aurigny) Andreas Klein Marina Maasholm, Baltic Sea, Northern Germany
37 Prospero Tom Pearce In the Carribean
40 Wind Whisper Phil Taylor Woy Woy in New South Wales Australia
44 Rhapsode Peter and Mike  
45 Quest Steve Orlebeke Sheboygan, Wisconsin on Lake Michigan
47 Jean-Claire Alan and Pat Clifton Unknown
50 Ponape George Dadd Kemps Quay, Southampton
51 Orion Michael Kunes Los Angeles, CA
52 Kroaz Du (formerly Waratah) Jean-Louis Collet

PO: Francois Salle

La Trinité sur Mer, France
53 Rampant Nicholas Fairhurst
PO: Chuck Popenoe (father) co-owners with Charles (son) and Smriti Popenoe
Solomons, Maryland, USA
54 Salara Peter Needham Currently in Greece
56 Sea Eagle Jeff Hague South Wales
57 Tangaroa Anne and Yanncik France – Fécamp
59 Suala Brian Glover Turkey at Kemer Turkiz Marina
60 Deep Blue Roger Lambell SE London on the Thames
61 Svalbard Sun Jacobus Ellis, AKA Koos
PO: Cor van Leeuwen
WSV IJmond, Netherlands
63 SPIRIT OF STROMA (formerly Queequeg) William Bremner Clyde Marina, Scotland
64 Blue Idyl Tim Purcell, Ruki Heritage, Stuart Vardon
PO: Jim Tinsdeall
Hayling Island, UK
65 Deva Bouwe Faber Hoorn, The Netherlands 
66 Sungarth Zenith Federico-SZ  Near Rome: dry dock in Fiumicino, homeport Gaeta (LT)
68 GAZELA William Wickham Framlingham, Suffolk
70 Stella Scot Anders Kay Gormsen
PO: Kenneth Midttun
71 Mary Kate of Arun David Gilbert and Jacqueline Todd Ayvalik, Turkey
72 Spirit of 76 PeterM Salem, Massachusetts
73 Swyn Y Mor James and Rose Parnell and daughter Rhiannon Swansea, but Swyn Y Mor made her way to Greece
74 Promise II Brenton Walker Port Adelaide South Australia
76 Grey Wolf Colin Reekie Fairlie near Largs Yacht Haven Clyde Scotland
78 Minnamurra – PO: Derek Parsons Unknown
79 Dun-na-Mara David Rowland Barrow-in-Furness
82 Blue Spurr PO: Dave and Shelby Milner Unknown
83 Nutmeg of Shoreham Ollie Holden South coast of England
84 Sea Thrift of Rame Pat Jensen Unknown
85 Interim Guy H
PO: Anne Williams
Brighton (Sussex)
86 Echo Papa Jonathan Carr
PO:Tom Tracey
87 Lizzie Bee Rodger and Jane Hallett
PO: Steve Nixon
Ardfern, Argyll
88 Canada Grey Peter Rowand Sidney B.C.
90 Conche João de Almeida Farracho
PO: Rob & Mairead Allen
91 Nelson Shelter Dario,
PO: Federico Titta Rosati
Venice Italy
93 Notre Dame D’Esperance Andrew White Carrickfergus, Belfast
96 Hannah Penn Kathryn Crouchen Dartmouth, Devon
97 Kestra Mike and Cathy Donegan Sighted in Aber Wrac’h, Brittany in 2020
98 Lisabelle PO: Yves Pauthier Saint-Malo, France
99 Oasis Fred Morner Oakland, CA
100 Aquarius (formerly Seamogs) John Tyler,
PO: Robert Lee
Poole, UK
101 La Tortue Pierre André Penneau Honfleur, France
103 Roede Orm Hans-Henning Kuchenbuch Laboe (Kiel) Germany
104 Blue Wanderer George Seaton Ardfern Marina, Scotland
105 Good News James Timms Salcombe
106 Ronar M Phil and Debs Shotton
PO: Trevor and Dorie Jones
107 Calando Geoffrey Boulton Dunstaffnage on the Argyllshire coast
108 Voltair Joe Reece;
PO: John Kingsley and Robin Sykes
Liverpool, UK
109 Dame Blanche Luca Martellotti Talamone, Italy
110 Czarina Blue Duncan McKenzie;
PO: Michael and Christine Bennett
Aegina, Greece
112 Harlequin of Kerrara Andy Fletcher Aghois Nikolaos
113 Cascade of Hamble Steve Higgs
Port Edgar, Edinburgh, Scotland
114 Snow Star Simon Lister PO: Tom Riding PO 1990-2006: Johan Schoeman Scotland
115 Caol rona Simon Mechen Marchwood Yacht Club, Southampton water
116 Amy PO: Boece Cardus Glasson Dock, Lancaster
117 Race Passage Roger and Ann Haggar Vancouver BC
118 Ayla Gerhard Marschner, PO: McCombe family SAMOS Greece
119 Chihili Q. Adrian Weston Aberystwyth
120 Elmer Bent Schroeder Denmark
122 Legong Alan & Anne Richardson Arbatax, Sardinia
123 Raga George and Bobbie Nauman USA
124 Salacia PO: Ole Enge Norway
125 Borlowen, (formerly Da-Ly Express) David and Felicity Dyter and Ross and Suzy Dyter. PO: Gerard Fischer Calstock, Cornwall, UK
126 Rainshadow Van Eden and Marilyn Johnson North America West Coast
127 Fuddy Duddy Captn Willie J Fort Myers, Florida
128 Panta Rhei II Aat Ruts Rotterdam
130 Arritmia (formerly Tisha) Coralie Home port TBD
133? Happy Dolphin Kev45, PO: Roy Abrams Warrington, Cheshire
134? Nicolisa Kari and Lawrence, PO: Ian Chapman On the Gower
136 Blue Skye (formerly Sonatina) John Arthur Darmouth
Post CN builds, hull privately fitted Slipper Chris & Katrina Hibbert
PO:Liam Brennan
PO: Jon Fletcher
Falmouth, Cornwall
?? Kari K J, username Magicman Florida

There are other forum members who do not own Nic 38 sailboats. Click on their name to see their profile:

User ID Name Reason for Interest
Archivist Jeremy Lines Retired C&N employee, was the volunteer archivist, RIP
Zigzag Barry Ellery Owned a Nic 42 “Zayda”
IWanda Mary Verlaque Owner of C&N 40 DS, I Wanda, Hull #18 of 19
Pegasus Peter Reynolds Wishes he owned a Nicholson yacht
John.Wilding John Wilding Owns a Nic 39
valere Erling Vaaler Owns Nic 32 Arctic Tern registered in Waterford, Ireland
donsailing Don Wood Considering Nic 38 purchase
Oksana Oksana Selezneva Owns Nic 35 Satori, hull #53
Nic32 Carina Julian Dixon Owner of Nic 32 Carina
Kenneth-McGrew Kenneth Interested in Nic 38
John-Mallett John Mallett Interested in Nic 38
DavidH David Harwood Interested in Nic 38
Raskalius Thomas Jones Interested in Nic 38
CaptVine Jeff Interested in Nic 38