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    I just did a Website update to:

    – Add a Member Chat feature, which allows logged in members to contact each other directly, or share information with everyone that doesn’t really belong in the forum. This is more like the FB style of communication.

    NOTE: Use the Discussion Forum for information you think would be very useful to others. This could be questions you want answered (probably in a new topic), or answers/information that you can offer (probably as a topic reply). It is possible to search the Forum to find information, and also to browse through well organized topics.  Member Chat is more useful for quick messages, for example,  sharing something you’re proud to have accomplished, or an update on your current location.

    – When you write a Forum Topic or Reply, there is now a “Notify me” checkbox below where you add a new post so you can receive an email to know when someone has replied.

    – You can Subscribe to a Forum topic. When you are viewing the Topic, there is a Subscribe checkbox on the right above the topic thread.

    – You can Subscribe to an entire Forum category. When you are viewing a Forum page that shows all the topics within the Forum, there is a Subscribe checkbox on the right above the topic list.

    – Changed the website layout and menus, in hopes it will be more friendly to mobile users. Sorry those pretty images of our boats no longer show at the top of each page.


    You can read below if you have website development experience to learn more about what I did.
    This site uses WordPress.  I added BuddyPress to create the Member Chat feature. I also added rtMedia to allow media uploads and privacy settings in BuddyPress.  I changed to a Twenty-Sixteen theme, then created a child theme to resolve a problem with avatars being shared between BuddyPress and BBPress (which is what creates the Forum).

    If you are a WordPress expert and want to offer same advice or help  to further improve this site, please contact me via email at moderator(at) (replace (at) with @.

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