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    Chihili Q

    Last October my Perkins 4.108 broke when I repaired to the galley to serve up pasta puttanesca for my crew, failing to remind the helmsman to check the temperature gauge having also failed to open the raw water coolant stopcock (which generally I never close, but had thought I wouldn’t be sailing again that season). I had no audible or light alarm to indicate overheating, just the temperature gauge and I urge anyone in a similar position to install an audible temperature alarm without delay!
    During lunch while on autohelm the engine over revved and spewed oil; at first I couldn’t turn it off; apparently such an engine may overheat to such an extent that it sucks up sump oil which serves for fuel instead of diesel and may even “explode”. I believe the answer is to stuff a cushion into the air intake but I stalled it and secured a tow to harbour, the wind having died.
    I have now replaced the Perkins with a Beta Marine 43 (an opportune time with retirement due in six months) with which I am delighted; it is quieter and promises to be cleaner etc. At installation I took the opportunity of stripping out the engine bay and replacing the cockpit drain pipes with fire retardant hose and new stop cocks.
    Just prior to this unfortunate incident I had bought from Electromaax a serpentine belt conversion kit and higher output 160 amp alternator, figuring that with a proficient regulator at low revs this would allow efficient charging of my battery bank. This system is now redundant since I have opted for a serpentine system on the Beta 43 with a 120 amp alternator and shall use the Balmar MC 614 regulator, bought with my conversion kit, which would however have fitted the Electromaax 160 amp alternator like a glove! If anyone would like to purchase the conversion kit at 50% of cost plus postage, with or without the alternator (which I intend to advertise on eBay shortly) I’d be happy to pass it on.
    Nick Beard at Fowey Harbour Marine Engineers did a wonderful job installing the engine and is happy to remove any parts from my Perkins 4.108 for anyone, first come first served. A neighbour in Aberystwyth Marina has already availed himself of the fuel pump but if anybody would like any of the other components for a spares kit Nick would be happy to send them at cost of postage.
    I cannot remember how to upload pictures but shall see if I can work it out!….


    We fitted the Beta 43 to Echo Papa last October and so far 16 hours later it has been a great addition. It replaced a Perkins 4-107 that was 43 years old. It took us a long time to change engines as the perkins was OK for getting you in and out of harbour but it was getting progressively quirky, overheating with the slightes pressure and sticking in gear as you approached the jetty. Used a manual lever on the gearbox but it was all getting like hard work. We did all the obvious stuff on the overheating and concluded it was narrowing in Heat Exchanger and BLOCK. I am sure there are folks out there that would be happy to continue to nurse it along but I want to do some serious cruisng around Scotland and Ireland this year and I wanted an engine and gearbox I can count on. Stirling Marine on the Island of Bute did the installation and I was and am very happy with it. 7 knots at
    1400 revs and very little noise makes motor sailing a pleasure. Lots more power if I need it. Anyhow, will keep you posted on how it performs.


    7 knots @ 1400 RPM.? Wow, I can’t get 7 knots @ ANY RPM.! What gearbox ratio did you get & what prop-size did you change to, if at all.?

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