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    Enrico Zaccagni, the new archivist for Camper & Nicholson, shared with me that he has made all the work that Jeremy Lines did to digitize the Nicholson 38 (and others) drawings available online!

    Go to this website:

    Note: As I write this, the website seems to be a work in progress that improves each time I try to use it. So be patient, it’s great C&N is putting any effort into making this information publicly available.

    You can search by your Boat Name, but I believe this only works if your boat name is the same as originally built. If the archive recognizes the name, you can click on the result and see a thumbnail version of the  79 blue-print drawings for the original design for our boats.

    Note: I don’t think the intention is for this site to allow you to download those drawings. The archive page says “The website is intended to supply an overview the archive; for in-depth research and hi-res materials, our team can be contacted”.

    If searching by your boat name doesn’t work, search by Boat Name: “Rainshadow” using no other search criteria, and you will get 1 result that shows thumbnails of the 79 available drawings. (That’s our boat name and I know it works.)

    Or if you want to see a list of all Nicholson 38 boat names that the archive knows about, enter this search criteria:

    Category: Yacht Sail One-Design
    Material: GRP
    Designer: C&N Ltd
    LOA ft from: 37
    LOA ft. to:38

    With this search criteria, you get 129 results. You can change the order of the results by clicking the column header.

    If you want to try to compare the 129 results with tour group’s Member Directory, I recommend you sort by the year built. Even then it’s a bit confusing because our list is by last known boat name, while the C&N list is by first boat name.

    Once you are viewing a result, there is a Request Information form. I sent in a request for information and did not get an autoreply, so I suspect this request for information may go directly to Enrico. I will update this posting once I get any response.

    Enjoy exploring this new archive.

    Here is the announcement that Enrico asked me to make available:


    The Gosport Camper and Nicholson Archive is finally on-line

    Since 1782 Camper & Nicholsons has been synonymous with elegant sailing and motor yachts built to the very highest standards.
    In 2001 Nautor’s Swan acquired the historic Camper & Nicholsons Yard and Archive in Gosport, England, preserving the name and maintaining the business with initiatives designed to promote the yard as a centre of yachting excellence.
    Nautor and C&N’s traditional values of high craftsmanship, coupled with the timeless elegance of their products, provide excellent assets for the future development of both brands.
    The C&N Gosport Archive features more than 3,500 vessels, from the first yachts built in the 1820’s until today, with more than 10,000 drawings, 1,300 photographs and films, and 1,500 documents, from magazine articles and extracts to company brochures. Compiled over decades by the late Jeremy Lines, and recently consolidated into a single database, the Archive is now available to the public at
    In addition, the website also illustrates the restorations of a selection of historic yachts by the skilled and talented hands of authorised C&N shipyards across Italy and Europe.

    Guy H

    I did get a reply from Enrico to my request back in January – I’ve copied it below –


    Good morning Guy.
    Thanks for visiting the C&N Gosport archive and congratulations for your interest in a Nicholson 38 . A really succesfull yacht.
    As you have seen in the archive’s website page we have 80 drawings.
    We also have several other informations, like Specifications, brochures,the Handbook, a notes and explainations document for this model.
    The original Handbook has been digitised and has 4 piping diagrams. This Handbook was probably the first handbook written for a G.R.P. yacht and has a very wide description of the yacht and its parts. It contains also the original addresses and telephone numbers of all the suppliers , none of which are still existant, but have been retained for archival reasons.You understand that it is a wide technical documentation. The Archive’s owners indicated and stated the cost of any single drawing , as it is done by other outstanding archives, like the one of Mylne yacht designes, G.L.Watson, S&S, J.L.Giles,NMM , and we are in line with their prices . This means that the A4 drawings are listed 30€, A3 drawings: 40 € , A2: 50€ ,A1:80 € , A0:100 € plus VAT 22%. The General informations +handbook with its drawings + brochures +mini plans+ specifications for the NIC 38 cost 100€ +VAT .
    I understand that to buy all the drawings is a not insignificant expense as there are 32 A0 size drawings; 12 A1 ;5 A2;2 A3;32 A4 for a listed value of 5080 € .
    The best I can do for you is to apply the maximum discount of 60%. for the quantity : 2032 € + VAT.
    In case you are not ready to invest this money as you havent bought your yacht yet, I can suggest you the most useful drawings for the Nic38/11 for a total cost of 600 +VAT 22% :
    047 ! Docking Plan A1
    050 ! Lines Plan Please note this is a large drawing 1/8 th full size. A0
    069 ! Rudder Arrangement and Details. All yachts. A0
    066 Hull and Deck Construction For Yachts No 1 to 30 approx. A0
    049 !General Arrangement Mk II Yachts 11 to 27 A0
    059 !Sail Plan ! Yachts 1-91 A0
    Handbook+ drawings.
    Looking forward to read about your decision ,
    I send you my best regards
    Enrico Zaccagni


    Good news for folks wanting to purchase from the CN Yachting archive. Members of our forum are entitled to a discount as we are considered to be “members of a C&N owners association.”

    Here’s what Enrico recently sent me:

    if you are member of a C&N owners association I have the right to offer you a totally different treatment. You can choose to have all the material of the yacht you are interested in at a cost of 250 € +VAT, or to choose 20 drawings of any size at a cost of 150 € + VAT . The major part are technical detailed drawings useful for refits or extraordinary maintenances. I can offer 10 drawings you choose at 100 €+VAT.

    In addition, Enrico gave me permission to make available the Handbook and List of Drawings. Logged-in members to download these documents  from the following menu option (see the black bar above, just under the header photo)

    About the Nic 38 > Nicholson 38 Documentation

    (Or you can click the link I included above)

    If you get the message that it is for logged in members only, you need to log-in using the login box on the right side, just under the black menu bar.

    Guy H

    That is good news, thank you Marilyn


    I’m commissioning a scale model of Rhapsode (ex CYN III). I don’t have my computer with me, only a small iPhone and I’m having difficulty in identifying the right plans needed from the archive. I need a simple plan of the deck but without the clutter of the insides if such a plan is available plus a side view and stern or bow view.

    Can anyone offer any guidance please?



    Hi Peter –

    By drawing number as specified on the CD that Jeremy Lines created:

    – 7 “offests for extension to hull mould”, gives dimensions for shape of hull including keel.

    – 12 “sail plan” includes dimensions of masts

    – 23 “Deck Plan” shows the deck layout (without interior details) and the starboard side view above waterline (keel not shown)

    – 44 “Arrangement of bow pulpit” is strictly about the pulpit railing, not the bow.

    – 45 “Stemhead Fitting” is strictly about the metal fitting, not the FRP bow.

    I could not find drawings specifically for the bow or stern.

    Hope that helps.

    Marilyn, moderator


    It helps a great deal, very many thanks Marilyn

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