Who we are and how this website began

To help people who are “new” to this Nic 38 group, I thought I should provide a little history.

Prior to September 2010, Peter Sturgess, owner of  Alexina of Shoreham Hull #30, was the organizer of an email ring of Nic 38 owners.   He would somehow find another Nic 38 owner’s email address, and then invite that Nic 38 owner to join our little group. If the person was interested, he would send an introductory email to everyone in the email group so we could all add one more email address to our growing personal contact lists. Then when someone had a new question, anyone in the group would send an email to everyone in their contact list, and anyone with an answer would reply. Undoubtedly this usually dissolved into a couple people exchanging emails rather than ‘bothering’ people about some topic that didn’t interest everyone.

I joined the email group in early 2010. Being a relatively new owner of a Nic 38 and full of questions and enthusiasm, I was uncontrollably curious about all the wisdom that had been shared via emails that I did not receive prior to my joining the group. And so I volunteered to put together a website with a forum where our exchanges would be archived. Andy Fletcher, owner of Harlequin hull # 112, had a similar idea and the ability to host the website for us. So between Andy doing the hosting and me doing the ‘developing’ (if you can call it that when you use WordPress and freeware plugins to put together a site), this website was born.

A website vs. an email ring also has the added benefit of more easily finding other Nic 38 owners, or maybe I should say, other Nic 38 owners finding us. I’m happy to say this approach worked, because on the day the site went ‘live’, a previously unknown Nic 38 owner stumbled into this site and registered. Our numbers are growing.

To help us all learn about each other, I’m maintaining the Member Directory page that lists each owner by hull number. As new people register via this site, I will add a link on this Member Directory page to the person’s profile.

Also, so that everyone knows that a new person has joined, I have created the Introducing New Members forum so that I can announce that someone new has found us.

So, that’s how we used to work, and why this website was started. Hopefully everyone will find using the forum more useful than the former email ring.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, use the forum, or contact me at this email address:
Please replace “(at)” with @ – I’m trying to avoid spam hence no mailto link provided!

Cheers – Marilyn –the moderator

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