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    Phil Shotton

    I see Snow Star is for sale in Essex as a damaged project –

    Very sad. Does anyone have any more information? The advert is very sparse.




    I learned this from Tom Riding, her owner.

    Her mooring parted some few metres below the water on the same stormy late September day that saw a cruise ship break her moorings at Greenock Ocean Terminal, some 3 – 4 miles upstream from Gourock where Snow Star was moored. She (Snow Star) quickly crossed to the north bank of the Clyde and parked herself on a rocky shore close by Kilcreggan pier. By the time the salvage crew were able to get her off (a few days later) she was in a sorry mess on the starboard side, with a hole in the hull and sea water inside.

    As I understand it, the insurance company settled and made arrangements for Snow Star to have a chance at a second life – hence she is for sale as a project boat.

    I wish the best for everyone involved, and I feel for your loss, Tom.

    Marilyn, moderator

    Simon Lister

    I have now purchased Snow Star and have started a full repair and refit. Thanks and commiserations to Tom Riding for advising on the circumstances of her stranding.

    She has returned to Scotland and is now in a large shed being dried out ready for survey.

    I’ll post photos and updates where they might be of interest in due course.



    Congratulations to both Tom (for having his boat rescued) and Simon (for being the rescuer). I have updated the Member Directory accordingly.

    I look forward to learning more about Snow Star’s refit project. Best wishes to you both.

    marilyn, moderator

    Johan Schoeman

    It would be great to see an update on how Snow Star’s restoration went and where she is now.

    I am a past owner of Snow Star and was sad to see that she got so badly damaged.  But it is equally wonderful to see that she got a second chance.  Thanks @Simon!

    I’d be happy to contribute further information and some of her history.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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