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    Czarina Blue

    NECO 17DR8 motor: which grade of oil?

    Hi All, I am servicing my NECO 17DR8 motor here in Colombia, and wondered if anyone knows what grade of oil should go in it. The manual says Castrol Magna. The modern version of that states that “Castrol Magna lubricating oils are suitable for a variety of applications such as the lubrication of bearings, spindles and, using the heavier viscosity grades, moderately loaded gearboxes.

    Therefore the modern Magna ISO 220 (their heavier grade) would be an SAE 50 in crankcase oil, or an SAE 90 in gearbox oil terms.

    So am thinking go for any SAE 90 gearbox mineral oil?

    Any pointers from those engineers amongst you?

    Thanks so much,


    Guy H

    EP90 (gear oil) is quite specialised with its additive mix. The EP is Extreme Pressure and it’s not really the same as the Magna spec

    If it was me I think I’d look for a Super Universal Tractor oil (a SUT or SUTO not a UTTO)
    A SUT/SUTO is designed for gears and shafts & bearings as well as an engine lubricant but also does NOT have the crazy friction modifiers that can cause issues.

    You could email I have always found them helpful or Smith and Allan another good oil company who will happily advise.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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