Has anyone removed the Stem Fitting?

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    I’m curious if anyone has ever removed the stem fitting?

    We have not, but we consider it because we would like to have another bow roller flange welded onto it. Or maybe weld on another fin that can be a tack point for an asymmetrical spinnaker.

    I’m curious how hard it is to remove, and whether others have found that it is an area of failure concern so that it should be removed for inspection, fastener replacement and rebedding, like everything else that penetrates the deck.

    Guy H

    Not yet, but I will be for exactly the same reasons !

    (& I’ve also got fasteners that need replacing)

    John Arthur

    I removed mine some time ago as it had a lot of crevice corrosion. I have made up a mould of the stem head to give to a fabricator to have a new one made. It came off pretty easily as far as I remember but was a bit of a mess under the flat area on top. Repaired now but awaiting finishing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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