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    Ross Dyter

    Hi Everyone,

    I am thinking of picking up a second hand anchor which fits into the deck locker, to use as a backup in the event of a loss of our primary anchor.  A friend of ours snagged their anchor fast and ended up cutting the chain and it got me thinking about how much of a disaster that would be on our summer cruise.

    Does anyone keep an anchor in their on deck locker and if so what is it and what size?

    Many thanks


    The owners manual says:

    “The anchor recess is moulded to take a 35 lb C.Q.R.”

    We’ve done it, and it fits nicely. But we find the 35 lb CQR to be a little undersized.

    You might consider a folding danforth type, such as the Fortress FX-23. Not that it fits nicely in the locker, but it is easy to disassemble and stow below, or it can be secured to the pushpit.

    We actually carry 3 anchors, 2 plow types: Manson Supreme 35lb primary, 45 lb CQR (not 35 lb); and the Fortress FX-23, which is great in sand.


    Ross Dyter

    Thanks for that Marilyn.

    I will probably go for a 35lb or similar to keep in the locker as a backup.  We have a Fortress type as a kedge in the stern locker.  I was just looking for a cheap backup and QCR anchors because they have been largely superseded are cheap through Facebook marketplace.  It seemed like an easy way of preventing a snagged anchor wrecking a summer cruise.


    If it helps – our main anchor Rocna 20 kgs stays on the bow roller permanently. Pinned and clamped when underway.

    We have the original CQR in the anchor locker but we found it dragged a lot when we were in the Med. so when we used it we attached our Fortress 37 to it with a few metres of chain. It’s never dragged after that.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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