I own “Vanikoro” ( the name of the island of the Salomon Archipel, where La Pérouse- the French Cook- died during his last expedition in Pacific Ocean) since 1978. We used her as a family cruising boat during summer hollydays in French Brittany, south coast of England including Channel Islands, and Mediterranean Sea ( Corsica, Sardinia, Greece, Turkey,…) I was retired in 2004 ( Chemical ingenieur) and, starting from La Rochelle through Gibraltar Strait, we (me and my wife with occasional crew-fellows) return in Med. Sea, living 4 to 6 months on board ( Tunisia, Malta, Sicily, Croatia, Albania, Venezzia, and so on..). This year(2011), we decide to change for a more spacious boat and we are at the moment moored in front of  Hyères (south coast-France) on board of a Maramu AMEL (13,80m) with our old ( but in perfect state to start again) Nicholson on ground at Port Napoléon (Port Saint Louis du Rhône, near Marseille), where she is for sale. (See the “Sell and Trade” part of the Forum of the owners Group site).