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    When we bought Rainshadow in fall 2009, she came with a 45lb CQR and 240′ of all chain rode as primary anchor on the bow roller, as well as a Danforth and 35 lb CQR with chain/rope rodes. While we’ve had no problems this summer with this primary arrangement, last time we were out, a Hunter came skidding towards us across a bay while we were anchored off a lee shore (unexpected wind direction that night). It made us think…

    We just saw the Manson Supreme 35 on a super sale at a local Chandlery, so we bought it. Now we’re contemplating whether that purchase was a good choice. We know the anchor design gets good reviews from Practical Sailor, for example. According to the Manson charts, the Supreme 35 is right for the Nic 38 length and displacement, but I’ve always heard you should step up 1 size from what the vendor recommends if you plan to cruise.

    My question is – does anyone else use a Manson Supreme anchor? And if so, what size do you have, what is your rode, and has it worked well for you?

    Also, I’m just curious to hear of other Nic 38 owner experiences with their ground tackle setup. The general question of ‘which anchor’ sets off firestorms in other cruiser forums -hope no one minds me asking here. 8~)

    Ronar M


    Ronar M came with a 35 lb CQR and 40m of 3/16″ chain. This has only occasionally let me down and never with dire consequences. However, I got fed up with hauling up all that chain by hand so fitted an electric windlass which demanded new metric (8mm) chain. I bought 50m to cope with the 9m tidal ranges in some of my cruising areas. Then I saw an article about an anchor test in which the CQR did not do very well so have bought the winner of the test, a Kobra 2 (only £100 too). It is fantastic and I now have to ask people to sit down or hold on tight while I go astern to dig the hook in because the ship stops dead and I have had people falling over. Only problem is that the anchor locker will have to be modified this winter to get the Kobra in. I have kept the cqr as a kedge.


    Richard Garlant


    We sail in the Bristol channel which has very strong tides. We use 70m of 8mm chain and a 35lb CQR , so far we are happy with the holding.




    We replaced our CQR with a 25Kg Rocna. Although a little oversized for the weight of the boat it fits well on the bow roller. Usually it set first time and allowed us to reduce the scope. Overall we we very pleased indeed. Our kedge is a Fortress which seems a remarkable anchor. Our only problem is getting the 60m of 10mm chain to get in to the chain locker without stacking. But perhaps that is another post.

    Helene de Mer

    To me Anchors are very much “horses for courses”. I am not aware of any anchor which works universally. I also have a CQR and 50m of chain plus nylon warp. It works fine. The sea bottom here is varied from sand to rock and weed. In a new anchorage more attention is necessary until one can be confidant that the anchor has set properly. In 1995 I was in St Martin on a cat and we rode out a force 4 to 5 Hurricane “Louis” with CQR and Danforths supported by a friendly palm tree, with no damage. To me abchoring is like flying spinnakers; there is only one way. The right way.

    John Tyler

    15 kg Rocna replaced 15 kg CQR, after the latter dragged. Also different colours per 10 meters of chain with blobs of that colour-code visible on the deck next to anchor position.

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