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    I have bought v belts 13 x 1100 to replace the existing belt same dimension. However they do not fit without removing the entire screw out extension mechanism and then swing the arm down to the lower hole. The existing belt is worn and has stretched to 1300mm.
    I feel I need to change the screw adjustment and replace with a standard slotted arm to enable easy fitment. Unless the size of the belt is incorrect and the correct size enables changing the fan belt without removing the bolts entirely.
    Anyone with advice please?

    Ronar M

    Hi there

    I am assuming that you are dealing with a Perkins 4107 or 4108. Ronar M has a Perkins 4107 and the belt designation here in the UK for that engine is SPA 1060.

    Good luck



    On Voltair (4-108) we have always used Gates “Extra Service” belts type 6568 EXL (AVX13 x 1088La) costing about £15 each. However, although the length is just right (easy to change without removing anything) we do chew through about 1-2 per season and cover the engine compartment in black dust, so I am not convinced these are optimal.
    One problem is that different makers measure the belt length differently (it’s not always the length around the outside of the belt which is mentioned). We noticed this in Ireland (where else?) when we couldn’t get our usual type.
    John Kingsley

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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