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    Kari and Lawrence

    Dear Readers,


    Lawrence and Nicolisa departed the Canary Isles, in the early hours of Sunday the 18th March, after England’s poor performance in the six nations!!


    Winds started light and remained so throughout the day, it was necessary to motor for a couple of hours, whilst caught in the Lee of Playa Blanca on Lanzarote. By nightfall we had cleared through the Road between the north of Lanzarote and it’s small neighbour,  Graciosa.


    The following week gave North East winds up to Beaufort 6, during this period just the furling genome was used to head anywhere North of West.


    By the time Nicolisa reached the mid Atlantic Ridge, winds had moderated to allow a fetch Northward with full sail on the main masthing. We try to avoid use of the mizzen with the wind vane, unless wind conditions demand otherwise!


    Eventually Nicolisa arrived South West of Horta and after a day of nil breeze a Beaufort 7 blew up from the SW, enabling a fast downwind sail into the Harbour of Horta, at dusk on the 30th of March.


    Kari flew out from the UK for a month, on the 22nd of April and we are cruising the archipelago until the 19th of May. After which Kari flies home and Nicolisa and Lawrence depart the islands bound for the Gower in Wales!

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