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    Probably most of the Nics built around 1970 will have had Brookes and Gatehouse wind, log and depth systems fitted. Ours certainly has, and it has worked pretty well until last season.

    It’s just the anemometer that has given up spinning – unless it’s at least a Force 3 – which is not that much use!

    Having tried various avenues to get someone to service it, and either met with a refusal, rudeness, or warnings about how difficult it is to get the right bearings, I had a go at dismantling it myself.

    So far so good – I have it all in bits, and have identified and am about to buy some replacement bearings, which are quite cheap and are in stock in the UK.

    So if anyone else wants one looking at, I could probably help you, either with some spare bearings, or else to do the stripdown and re-assembly for you, once I have satisfactorily mended our own.

    So the guy who has one on e-bay for £499 and is extremely rude, can go suck!!!



    As an update to the post about rebuilding the Brookes & Gatehouse anemometer, I’m pleased to report that we refitted the unit to Voltair last Thursday, and it works a treat.

    Anyone with a similar problem, contact John on 07836-596771

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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