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    Czarina Blue

    My 90m of 10mm chain is stacking in my locker, such that a member of the crew has to enter the focsle, lift the cushions, remove the locker lid and flake the chain to left and right by hand as it is hauled up, to stop the pyramid of chain forming below the down pipe. Without this action it will jam every 6 metres or so coming in. This is inconvenient and could be dangerous if short handed.

    A plastic pipe takes the chain in a straight drop directly down from my Lofrans Tigres. Short of major joining work to redesign the front cabin, making the locker longer towards the centre of the vessel ( means cutting into the under-bunk lockers either side, which is a major job) , I can’t see how else to make it run freely.

    Any ideas welcome.



    Czarina Blue

    I should add that this was also a problem with a previous 60 m length of chain that came with the boat, but which I replaced due to age.


    I changed the angle on the plastic pipe guiding the chain to make the chain fall into a deeper wider area of the chain locker. the locker lid was modified, and a wood support for the bottom of the pipe protrudes into the locker opening by about a pipe diameter. the chain slides down the pipe smoothly at this angle. the cushions had a notch for the pipe each side and now the pipe pushes between them, it does not look perfect, but lower on my list…
    I am now able to let out 90ft of chain and pull it back in without “flaking” the chain in the locker. I find if you need more than 90ft of chain out, it is best to stop at the 90 ft mark and clear an area in the locker for the pile to come. If cleared out properly the 90ft comes and goes without trouble.
    I have the 5/16″ BBB chain.
    I am generally happy with the arrangement. I was tempted to angle the pipe further, but it would have needed to be longer, and would have closed off access to the chain locker (two lids one each side?)


    Czarina Blue

    Thanks Peter, That is helpful, I will have a go.Cheers

    Kari and Lawrence

    Hi Guys,

    Well seeing as we don’t live in a perfect world, I don’t worry about it too much. I find Nicolisa sails about fine with up to 40 metres of chain heaped on the foredeck. The raised scupper seems to retain it just fine, on any point of sail and within reason, sea conditions. Such is the beauty of the nic 38! When time and space allows, one then shuffles back and forth, flaking the chain within the locker as desired. I must say that I think 8 mil or five/sixteenth chain a little light, for a vessel of such a stature!! Happy anchoring.

    Regards, Lawrence

    Erik Theunissen

    Hi guys

    We are currently working on the anchor chain set up as wel. The previous owner of Ilmatar removed the deck anchor locker and the original down pipe. Replacing the original pipe by a shorter more vertical plastic pipe. It seems to work fine but the anchor chain is now stored really far forward and high into the bow, I prefer a lower center of gravity and am not to happy with all that weight that far forward. So my plan is to keep the modified pipe construction but going back to the more original chain locker space under the two forward bunks. Major modifications aren’t that much of a problem since I’m converting/redesigning the forward cabin and sleeping arrangement anyway

    Peter and duncan. Could you maybe upload some photos of the situation on your Nic. Maybe I can use some of your ideas. would be greatly appreciated.




    Some photos:
    The cushions form around the new pipe location.
    chain locker cushions
    underneath is a wood block protruding into the opening. it sticks up slightly into the cushions…
    the block has a bottom that keeps the tube from falling down.
    the locker cover has a notch cut away…
    chain locker cover
    the chain then falls far enough aft to make a bigger pile before it clogs the tube.
    I cleared the area and pushed the rest of the chain forward and to the sides when 90 ft was out. I found that this amount can come and go many times without flaking.
    chain in locker
    I think you could go a little further aft with this, but you would need a longer tube. (the chain goes down the angle no problem.)

    Peter M

    Erik Theunissen

    Hi Peter

    That is of great help, exactly what i needed. Photos tell you so much more. Our chain is currently stacked all the way up front (where you have the white triangular piece of board) I will be copying your set up. Thanks a lot.


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