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    Promise II

    G’day everyone,

    Greetings from The Land Down Under.

    I am wondering if anyone can help me with sourcing some Nic 38 alloy window fasteners ? Have a few on my boat that have disolved 🙁

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards, Brenton

    Ollie Holden


    I have some from when I re-did the windows on Nutmeg. You can buy them from places like and One part was A2 the other A4 stainless – I never found all in A4 unfortunately, but they seem to be holding out OK.

    If you only need a few, let me know how many you need and I’ll grab some from the spares box when I’m next on the boat.



    Promise II

    Cheers Ollie, Thanks for your reply and your kind offer.

    I will go ahead and contact these suppliers you have suggested as it now seems I will be needing more than I initally thought.

    Thanks again, most appreciated.

    Kind regards, Brenton

    Ronar M

    Hi Brenton

    Last year I removed all the windows in the saloon and foreward cabin of Ronar M and had them resealed. I replaced all the fasteners with stainless ones. The company that refurbed the windows supplied the female part and the male part I got much more cheaply from my local fastener supplier – I got all 150 I needed for about £7. I had previously tried a chandler and found that they would be about £0.30 each. I made sure each was well smeared with jointing compound before they were tightened down. Good luck, Trevor

    Promise II

    Hi Trevor,

    Thanks for your info.

    Have decided to go with 3/16″ x 1 1/4″ stainless c/sunk threaded screws + a washer and dome head nut. I have coated these components with barium chromate where the stainless is in contact with the alloy. To seal the windows i have used Sikaflex 291, god help me if i ever need to remove them again, that sika is super sticky stuff! Whilst removing the two aft windows in the saloon i noticed that the cut-outs that where made to accept the window frames were to large at the bottom aft corners. This has resulted in there only being a small sealing surface ( 4mm ) between window frame and cabin sides. My initial problem was water ingress between the window frames and cabin sides, whilst i have detected tiny amounts coming from some of the corroded fasteners, most of the water was coming from these bottom corners. To fix this problem i have simply built up this area with epoxy before refitting, thus creating a more snug fit for the window frame.

    Re: Sourcing supplies from Chandler’s…… down here in Oz, when refering to the Chandler’s, sometimes the word Swindlers is used instead. I see you guy’s may have a similar problem.

    Thanks again Trevor,


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