Loss of E Capoe, Hull #33

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    I received the following sad news from William Bremner (Stroma Pilot), owner of E Capoe hull #33

    Hello everyone and a happy new year.

    Sadly I have to report the total loss of my Nic 38 E Capoe which broke her mooring in strong winds and went ashore on rocks with a flowing tide and subsequently broke up over a 4 to 6 hr period. So Hull Number 33 is no more.

    To rub salt in the wounds in my rush to get her home for further work I neglected to have a survey and only was 3rd part insured so beware fellow sailors who like me took shortcuts to my cost.

    I would think once the dust settles in about 2yrs time I will be in the market for another vessel and if there are any 38 for sale around that time (and as I’m done with restorations) fully equipped and ready to tackle a circumnavigation then I may give it some consideration.

    Thanks to everyone for support in early stages of my project.

    Best wishes William – we are all sorry for your loss.

    michael bennett

    Sad news, hate to hear that happening to a boat, but somehow closer when it’s almost a family member.

    Hope you find another to care for.


    Stroma Pilot

    Thanks for that Mike
    closest resemblance I’ve seen to the Nic 38 is a Finnsailer but they are just not family

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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