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April 18, 2015 at 20:33 #25772

At present, the only way to add a photo to a forum posting is to upload the photo to another website, then you can use HTML markup to insert the URL so the photo appears here.

Here’s the steps for how to do this:
1. Upload your photo to another site, such as Flickr, your own blog, etc.
2. Through that other website, acquire the URL of the image (not the page the image is on, but the URL of the image itself. In the Chrome browser, you can do this by right clicking on image in webpage, and select Copy Image URL.)
3. In the topic text you are writing on this site, put your cursor were you want to add the image, then click the “img” button at the top of this text box.
4. A dialog opens where you can paste the image URL.
5. Then it asks you to type a name for the image, which is only shown if this website cannot locate the indicated URL.
6. You will see the HTML markup inserted in your text, not your image – just leave it as it is.
7. Once you are done typing, click Submit. This website then shows the image acquired from the other website embedded in your topic text.

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