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November 28, 2011 at 00:37 #5581


Jeremy tells me that Aat Ruts, owner Panta Rhei, has been looking to find a company that will make new C&N logo tableware that will fit the Nicholson yacht galley spaces. This would be a replacement for the original melamine tableware.

The question is – who might be interested in having some custom tableware, and what exactly would you like to have? Should it be china, porcelain, or some unbreakable material?

Consider this posting to be a survey of interest – Aat asked Jeremy for feedback, Jeremy asked me, so I’m asking you.

I guess my first question is – do all our boats require the same sized tableware? I suspect our shelves are original. I’ve measured the blue fiesta ware that was on Rainshadow when we bought her a few years ago (since it has no C&N logos. I doubt its the original). Sizes are:
Coffee mug: 3.375″ diameter (or 8.5 cm)
small plate: 7″ diameter (or 17.8 cm)
larger plate: 9″ diameter (or 22.9 cm)
bowls: 5.375″ diameter (or 13.7 cm)

I would like to replace this tableware if the price was reasonable, and I guess I prefer porcelain.

Anyone else have any interest in this?

November 28, 2011 at 04:23 #10441


Sounds good to Gosling. We’d love a set but would prefer a corelle type of break resistant material since we are offshore sailing. Something British (ish) like a blue and white nautical look.
J-G and Fran
aboard Gosling, Guaymas Mexico

November 28, 2011 at 10:24 #10451


I’d be very interested to see a selection of designs+colours. I threw out the blue melamine crockery that came with Sea Eagle as it was extremely worn & incomplete, & replaced it with my campervan crockery.
The offerings that I’ve seen at boat shows thus far have not inspired me to throw my own stuff out yet.

Likewise I’d prefer porcelain, but realistically, I wouldn’t want a couple of them flying around the cabin in heavy weather so probably would settle for Melamine. Still, it wouldn’t take much to wedge porcelain plates in place with a couple of tea-towels would it, as you would in the drinks cabinet.

November 28, 2011 at 10:31 #10461

michael bennett

I currently have porcelain, pretty strong, would be interested in a replacement in porcelain or china, I only use them when moored or at anchor. We eat from plastic when sailing ugh.. much more civilised from china I think, especially with visitors. Also have glass for wine to, take good care of them, no more breakages than at home.

November 30, 2011 at 20:50 #10521

Jean Clair

We would certainly be interested, we have been looking for some to fit the dowel retainers since purchasing Jean Clair last year but cannot find the sizes
Alan & Pat

December 5, 2011 at 17:25 #10591


We still have our original “Fiesta” ware. The bowls, mugs and small and large plates all fit properly in the original holders. Bowls and mugs over the galley sink and plates outboard of the icebox. Our items came in 5 colors (red, lt blue, dk blue, lt grn, dk grn).

We really enjoy them because they say “sailing” to us and we love the colors. I have been using them aboard Rampant for 40 years (since age 6) and now my kids enjoy them. So we have a lot of tradition here. Over the years we have broken a couple of items and would like to replace with an identical set if possible.

December 6, 2011 at 09:39 #10631

Richard Garlant

I am delighted that we have the opportunity to get hold of some tableware with the logo. Yes please we would be happy to purchse a set of 10 mugs,plates both small and large, bowls in the sizes already suggested .
Coffee mug: 3.375″ diameter (or 8.5 cm)
small plate: 7″ diameter (or 17.8 cm)
larger plate: 9″ diameter (or 22.9 cm)
bowls: 5.375″ diameter (or 13.7 cm)

I guess shipping via UPS or FED X would be best for most.

Richard and Nicola

December 6, 2011 at 14:48 #10651


Voltair would be interested. We still have some of the original green mellamine ware – but it’s much repaired. Would prefer something ‘unbreakable’


March 5, 2012 at 12:29 #11311


Dear all,

A while ago, December 2011, Jeremy informed you about my survey for new tableware with C & N logo.

How did it start. In the meeting of the Nicholson Circle of the Lower countries, in September 2011 I offered my Dutch friends to find out the possiblity to buy new, original C & N tableware. Via Jeremy I tried to get in contact with the original supplier Swift, in England, later established in America. No result.
During my stay in Portugal I found a well known company, Vista Alegre, who is making, reasonable priced, China tableware and can print self supplied logo’s for restaurants and hotels. They first want to have details about numbers, design and colours before they can give a price quote.
I contacted Plastimo and Mepal. Via Internet I found quite a few suppliers of table ware in the Republic of China.

Till so far I can tell you that tableware with a C & N logo on melamine, mepal or China can be supplied in high quantities . E.g. 3500 pieces of one item, plate or cup or saucer, is very common.

Based on the survey and the follow up, I have the following questions:

– What is the demand, or how do we estimate the demand for tableware with C & N Logo ?
– What does the tableware consist of in basic material (melamine, China, hardened glass, etc), design, colour and pieces ?
– Where to find a company , like Swift, willing to supply smaller quantities ?
– May be a company who deals in business gifts or souvenirs (like mugs and plates with prints) can supply small quantities ?
– How to supply the sets of tableware, probably all over the world ?

The work I have done till so far, was quite interesting but time consuming and this year I have not so much time for it anymore, so the final question is:
– Is there anyone who can give this a follow up ?

I reported about my survey to the Nich Circle Lower Countries in the Netherlands. The 10th March, next weekend, there will be a meeting where this subject is on the programm as well.

Kind regards,
Aat Ruts.

Spring is almost there, new tableware or not !

Nich-38 ‘”Panta Rhei”, Netherlands

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